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5 Keys to Energize Your Mental, Management & Money

Today, the founder of energizeHER, Tameka Chapman, shared a message to our online community and others about 5 ways to energize your mental, management and money!

If you weren't able to tune in as founder Tameka Chapman was live, that's fine. You can check out the video below!

Five simple steps that you can immediately implement to energize your life:

  1. Feed Your Brain with Positive Content.

  2. Meditate.

  3. Deep Dive Into Your Leadership Style.

  4. Know Who's On Your Team.

  5. Track Your Money & Live Within Your Means.


You are invited to join our online energizeHER community on Facebook: ENERGIZEHER

ENERGIZEHER was created with a heavy focus on women of color leaders in leadership positions, whether that's in Corporate America or in her own business as a CEO. She has felt or is feeling overwhelmed by the pressures that society and the workload has put on her without real support or support that she doesn't know exist. It is our primary goal to ENERGIZEHER life in all areas that allows her to transform her life and leadership style and become the very best version of herself as a fully energized woman!



If you have ever found yourself in this situation or you're here now, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to participate in our signature course, Bottled Up Emotions. This is a 4-week LIVE course for female CEOs and corporate executives how to identify how their bottled up emotions affect their lives, relationships, health & wellness and business.


Week 1: The focus is on YOU!

Week 2: The focus is on the relationships in your life.

Week 3: The focus is on what you're ingesting mentally, nutritionally and spiritually.

Week 4: The focus is on your leadership and staff

There will be an expert joining us each week to address the topic of the week and you'll be able to ask them all the questions and also get connected to them to keep it going! You'll have access to the full ENERGIZEHER workbook that was exclusively designed for this course, plus all attendees will receive our ENERGIZEHER daily affirmation journal that was created to speak a word of energy into you before you start your day!

Whatever you do, find ways to energize your life!


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